Vaporizing is a much healthier and more economic way to consume your medicine than traditional combustion methods. When portability and discretion is necessary, a vape pen is the ideal solution.

With a vape pen you don’t need to roll anything, or find a pipe, or bring out the old huge volcano type vaporizer out. No need for grinders, oil rigs, or dabs; just screw the cartridge onto the battery and your ready to go! No preparation, no clean up, and best of all, no smell.

Now you can medicate just about anywhere you want, with the vape pen, there is no smell. Perfect for when you’re in the car, or in public, or at the casino, or visiting family.

With cartridges typically in the 60% THC and higher range, you can satisfy your medicinal needs quickly and efficiently. Since the oil is solventless and refined, it’s the fastest and healthiest way to medicate on the go!